For Kids at School, Downward Dog Wags a Tale

Students at Hygiene Elementary in Longmont, CO can expect more tree poses than tennis in the coming months of their P.E. classes, thanks to the addition of yoga teacher and story teller Sydney Solis to the school’s fitness department.

The founder of Storytime Yoga, Solis teaches classes that incorporate both body and mind by having the kids move through yoga routines that tell imaginative tales. According to Solis, this combination approach to fitness not only develops strength, balance, stamina, and flexibility for the children, but allows them to integrate the yoga practice with their imaginations as well.

According to, the cost of Hygiene’s new yoga/storytelling P.E. program is covered by a grant from the Longmont Council for the Arts. As an integrated academic arts focus school, Hygene follows the district’s curriculum but incorporates “visual arts, music, drama, movement, creative writing and technology to promote meaningful connections.” According to the article, the program so far is meeting with success:

At an introductory assembly Wednesday afternoon, Solis shared a Jewish folktale from India about a king who discovered his one true love.

She then asked students to retell the story with their bodies by standing in mountain pose and assuming the tree pose, which requires them to balance on one foot and reach their clasped palms over their heads.

Despite some flailing and flopping, fourth-grader Sophie Storz, 10, said she enjoyed the poses.

“It just calms you down and gets all our energy out,” she said.

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