The Role of Fascia in Healthy Movement with Yoga Therapist Yasmin Lambat

Fascia is a moist constituent tissue system that moves and shapes us from skin to bone, head to toe, on and off the yoga mat. In addition to moving and shaping us, it is the medium for communication for our system; it forms part of a system that is alive and influences other systems. That communication is key for our overall health.

The Role of Fascia in Movement

What role does the fascia plan in movement, and in retaining our ability to stay fully functional throughout life?  Movement re-organizes unhealthy fascia, and how we move can have different effects. Fascia can be trained for elasticity (storing and releasing energy), and it can be trained for viscocity (hydration) and plasticity (ability to change shape). It responds to the nervous system immediately, but it takes months for fascia to remodel. 

In this video, yoga therapist Yasmin Lambat discusses the characteristics of healthy fascia-what it does, what it feels like. She also disects what causes fascia to become unhealthy and the results that will ensue. Yasmin also enumerates the different types of movement that can be useful for retaining healthy fascia over time.

You may also be interested in this course from YogaUOnline and Yasmin Lambat: Body Sensing: Intuitive Yoga for Myofascial Release

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