Yoga Books for Babes

Have you ever felt so good after yoga, so full of bliss, you had to tell someone about it? We love sharing yoga with the world. How do you share your yoga practice with others?

My wee one is four months old now and I can barely believe it. I still look at her nearly every day and think… “How cool is it that I made that little person!?” But even though it still seems like she’s an extension of me, I know that she’s growing and will be more and more independent. Some day, she’s going to do things that really annoy me—like get big, grow out of her clothes, and disagree with everything I’m working so hard to teach her right now. I bet she’ll even develop her own thoughts about life. And, if she’s anything like her momma, she’ll want nothing to do with the things I like and find her own interests and hobbies…  Sigh.

That’s OK. I figure I still have at least a couple of years before she realizes that her mommy is lame. Until that day comes, I’m going to do my best to brainwash.. err.. guide my little cherub to enjoy the things that I think will help her in life. That means yoga.

I jumped (well, I eased very slowly) back into my yoga practice when she was five weeks old so she’s been watching me practice yoga since then. And she practices some pretty lovely, effortless poses herself. But my favorite time of the day is when I read one of these yoga books together.

Little Yoga book

        sleepy little yoga book

born yogis book       watch me do yoga book

How do you share yoga with your little ones? Do you have any favorite children’s books about yoga? I’d love to add to our collection.

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Erica Rodefer is a writer and yoga teacher living in Charleston, SC. As the former online editor for Yoga Journal magazine, she lived and breathed yoga at work and at home. She practiced with amazing teachers every day, went to yoga conferences, and had a supportive environment to live her yoga. Now, she’s trying to navigate yoga in the real world, and blogs about her journey to find contentment and live in the present, no matter what. Her loves include yoga, writing, crafting, her cat Gracey, and her dog Penny.

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