Professional Yoga Therapy Studies

The Professional Yoga Therapy Studies program focuses on offering yoga therapy training for licensed health care professionals. Founder Ginger Garner created the program for licensed health care providers to help bridge the gap between western and eastern medical modalities and further the integration of yoga therapy in a clinical setting.

The Professional Yoga Therapy Studies program combines yoga therapy with the study of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of natural medicine, to provide students with the tools necessary to treat and heal patients on a more holistic level. The program incorporates multiple disciplines of yoga and prepares health care professionals to use yoga as therapy for muskuloskeletal, and gastrointestinal disorders, as well as a host of other chronic ailments ranging from back pain to anxiety. The aim is to enable health care professionals to draw from both eastern and western medicine to offer their patients a more multi-faceted approach to healing and wellness.

Since the Professional Yoga Therapy Studies program was created with the health care practitioner in mind, it assumes that students have advanced knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and that they understand the basic science of nutrition prior to starting the yoga therapy certification process. Applicants must hold a degree from an accredited university in a health care field or be a licensed health care provider. Students are also encouraged to hold a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher designation at the 200, or 500 hour level before starting the course, however this is not mandatory.  

This Professional Yoga Therapy Studies program accepts 30 applicants each year, primarily made up of medical doctors, registered nurses, physicians assistants, physical and occupational therapists, as well as providers in the mental health care field.  All classes are taught by licensed health care providers, enabling the courses to be taught at a post-graduate, post-professional, and highly clinical level.

The Professional Yoga Therapy Studies program offers several levels of training programs, ranging from continuing education programs open to both health professionals and experienced yoga teachers, specialty yoga therapy training in prenatal yoga, and a professional 900-hrs. yoga therapy certification track. With the busy schedules of its students in mind, the school allows its pupils to complete the yoga therapy training program on their own time; however the certification track must be finished in its entirety within a four year period.

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