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I get asked all the time, “What are you?” (as in, “Are you vegan?” or “Are you Paleo?”) And my first instinct is always to reply that I’m a mom and a wife and an entrepreneur and, most recently, a podcast host who is certified in holistic health and eating psychology. (It’s a mouthful!) 

But they always ask again: “But … what are you?” And I don’t have a simple, one-word answer, because I don’t like my diet to define me. (And I don’t want your diet to define you!)

Woman practicing yoga warrior II outside.

The Telomere Effect: Taking Charge of Your Cellular Aging

I just finished reading The Telomere Effect by Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn and Dr. Elissa Epel, and it was enlightening. The authors’ discoveries about how telomeres (the end caps on our chromosomes) affect... Read more
Group of yoga students stretch in class

6 Yogic Tips to Help Boost Immunity

The coronavirus has changed our lives, at least for the time being. People are understandably worried, and caution is justified. Grocery stores and pharmacies are the last bastions of in-person social... Read more
older woman with alzheimer's disease holding her daughter's hand.

Can This "Bathing Cap" Help Treat Alzheimer's?

Despite its widespread and growing prevalence and billions of research dollars, Alzheimer's disease interventions are still quite limited. A new wearable device using electromagnetic energy shows great promise... Read more
Skillet Baked Oatmeal with Apples and Berries, wellness

Skillet Baked Oatmeal with Apples and Berries

Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked oats with cinnamon and fragrant fruit. It is the ultimate comfort food when you need a hearty (but healthy) breakfast or snack that happens to taste like a cozy treat... Read more
Yoga student buying vegetables at the farmers market.

The Game Changers: Why Top Athletes Are Switching to a Vegan Diet

Produced by Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Cameron, and Jackie Chan, The Game Changers debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in 2018. I was lucky to see the movie when it came to theaters nationwide for a... Read more
Woman seated with hands in prayer overhead.

Kriya Yoga: 3 Steps to Achieving Your Goals

“If you want to remain calm and peaceful as you go through life, you have to have high intention and low attachment. You do everything you can to create your desired outcomes, and then you let it go. Sometimes... Read more
Woman eating bowl of raspberries.

The Most Important Thing to Do Before You Eat

Would you like to learn one simple practice that will: * Improve your digestion? * Accelerate your metabolism? * Help your body absorb nutrients more effectively? (Translation: feel energized and strong... Read more
Woman's hand holding nuts and dried fruits.

Heart-Healthy Eats: How Nuts Can Supercharge the Mediterranean Diet

Article Summary: Eating two tablespoons of mixed nuts daily may reduce symptoms of “metabolic syndrome” by 70 percent. Nuts have a positive impact on cardiovascular risk since they’re rich in anti-inflammatory... Read more
Woman with hands in prayer.

How Gratitude Changes Your Brain and Body

There’s a trend in recent studies on human health: Mom’s advice is proving to be the best medicine. When your mom told you to eat your roughage, go outside and play, stop staring at the TV, and get a good... Read more
Cauliflower cheese bake.

Cauliflower Cheese Bake

It’s pretty much universal: Kids of any age like macaroni and cheese — comfort food, pure and simple. My childhood memories of mac and cheese run to the boxed fluorescent orange Kraft Dinner variety, which I... Read more