The Yoga of Co-Regulation: Group Yoga Class Benefits

Kathryn Boland, R-CYT, R-DMT
Young yoga students relaxing and talking after yoga class.

Do you enjoy socializing with yoga? Could group yoga class benefits include feeling better simply through social connection? Picture the following situation. You enter your favorite yoga studio. It’s serene, familiar, and comforting. You share pleasantries with the front desk attendant as you check in and with fellow yogis as you settle into class while you roll out your mat and set up your props. 

Restorative Child's Pose or Restorative Balasana Pose.

Yoga for Times of Change: Nina Zolotow Shares Wisdom

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image depicts yoga, calming the mind and self-inquiry.

4 Ways to Prevent Anxiety with Yoga

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Restorative Shoulder Release prop set up.

Restorative Shoulder Release Pose: All-Over Ease

Restorative Shoulder Release Pose uses gravity to help relieve upper back, neck, and shoulder tension. Lying on the belly, you cross your arms and use the weight of your chin on your arms to release shoulder... Read more
Image depicts office worker in meditation mode in the middle of a work day.

16 Steps to Contentment

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Woman practicing restorative yoga in a beautiful studio

Nourish Your Nervous System: A Yoga Practice Reset

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Student practicing a supported (by bolster) restorative twist for greater comfort and ease

Calm and Uplift: Supported Supine Twist

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Top view of cute young fitness woman lying on the floor on mat with eyes closed.

12 Tips for Better Sleep

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Woman feeling free in a beautiful natural setting.

Overwhelm: The Survival Guide

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woman resting in forward folded One Legged King Pigeon Pose.

Take Rest in Supported Pigeon Pose

Supported Pigeon Pose (Kapotasana) is a wonderful way to gently release the hips, sacrum, and lower back. Further, it helps to release constriction in the piriformis and psoas muscles. Gentle pressure on the... Read more
Black woman meditating on the beach

How to Be Enough

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