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We all have days – even weeks – where the busyness of life leaves us feeling frazzled and needing a break. Give yourself some TLC with this short, soothing, gentle yoga practice focused on the breath. Learning ways to breathe more deeply will not only leave you feeling calmer, but that quiet, centered feeling will help you more efficiently move through your to-do list as well.

Free 8-Minute Yoga Practice

If you could use a soothing break, try this 8-minute yoga for stress relief practice excerpted from our YogaU Practie Channel with ISHTA Yoga teacher Douglass Stewart. Douglass is known for his gentle and soothing teaching style—after you try this breath-centered warm-up, you’ll know why.

Douglass teaches at the ISHTA Yoga Center and Yogaworks in New York City. You can also find him at the LGBT Community Center in NYC, where he teaches a regular free yoga class, which promotes outreach to the HIV community.

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This practice is excerpted from a longer class entitled Vital Force on our YogauOnline Practice Channel.  Douglass’ class Vital Force is a slow flow designed to highlight how conscious breathing can transform mind and body. It reveals how the vital force or life force, when freed by the practice of yoga, rejuvenates and energizes all the systems of the body. This gentle yet effective practice is the perfect respite from holiday stress and provides a concentrated opportunity to reconnect and recalibrate through breath linked with movement.

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Our YogaUOnline Practice Channel aims to offer yoga classes tailored to the needs of every body, regardless of age or experience level—no need to wade through teacher after teacher to find a class you like. The online yoga practices feature a fantastic roster of experienced yoga teachers you won’t typically find in online classes, including Natasha Rizopoulos, Julie Gudmestad, Douglas Keller, Cindy Lee, Sarah Platt Finger, Ellen Saltonstall (yoga therapeutics), and many, many more.

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