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If the thought of listening to interviews with your favorite yoga teacher or watching videos with yoga practices and yoga teaching tips appeals to you, be sure to subscribe to our new YouTube channel! This little baby is barely a month old, but already it’s making some great strides, if we may say so.  🙂

 Especially be sure to check out our Open Source interview in which Judith Hanson Lasater is interviewed by Lizzie Lasater. Wonder about the name similarity? Yes, indeed, this is Judith’s adult daughter, now living in Europe, who is interviewing Judith about how a home practice develops and changes over the decades.

 In addition to being a great designer, Lizzie is now a yoga teacher in her own right, and the interview offers wonderful depth and unique insights into what has kept one of yoga’s great teachers inspired, engaged and progressing in her practice over more than four decades.

 Also check out our Youtube interview with Kaoverii Weber on Natural Detox with Yoga, as well as our interview with Ana Forrest on yoga and embodiment.

 But this is just the beginning! Over the next few weeks and months, we will begin to upload yoga practice video tutorials and quick tips to keep you inspired and progressing in your practice. These are Sneak Peaks for our upcoming yoga practice channel with all the leading yoga teachers you know and love, and a few more that you will LOVE getting to know.

Be sure to subscribe to the channel so you have easy access and will be informed as soon as new videos are uploaded to the channel.  It’s easy, just hit the Subscribe button under any one of the videos in the channel.

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