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Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy takes a holistic, client-centered approach to the practice of yoga for therapy, emphasizing individual exploration and discovery. Like other forms of yoga therapy, a therapist trained in Phoenix Rising yoga therapy does not make a diagnosis nor offer disease-specific treatment per se.  A Phoenix Rising yoga therapist is trained to assist the client in making his or her own determination regarding the physical or mental issues that need to addressed, what should be changed, and how to go about it.

Phoenix Rising was founded by Michael Lee, who brought his extensive background in holistic health, psychology, yoga, and education to bear on the program. Formed in 1986, Phoenix Rising yoga therapy draws mainly from Kripalu Yoga, of which Michael Lee was a student for many years. The Phoenix Rising yoga therapy training also incorporates the teachings of Iyengar, Bikram, Yogananda and Satyananda.

This yoga therapy training places more emphasis on the mental, emotional, and even spiritual aspects of healing than the physical form. Of all the different types of yoga therapy, Phoenix Rising works the most directly with the mental-emotional nature of health issues. Pheonix Rising yoga therapy seeks to help clients by encouraging a deeper connection with a person’s inner self.  A Phoenix Rising yoga therapist seeks to help clients using yogic techniques to invite greater presence and awareness of what is, and greater ability to embrace challenges as an opportunity for growth and change.

Yoga therapy courses in the Phoenix Rising program focus on assisted postures, body psychology, dialogue techniques, breathing techniques and proper body mechanics. Primarily experiential in nature, the Phoenix Rising yoga therapy certification program is based on the belief that we are all already healers.

Phoenix Rising yoga therapy training concentrates on each yoga therapy practitioner’s personal and professional development. To obtain Phoenix Rising yoga therapy certification, three program levels must be completed, which include an eight-month distance learning program and applied practicum, as well as 174 contact hours and supervision with a mentor. In some instances, Phoenix Rising yoga therapy teacher training programs are eligible for graduate and undergraduate credit for student enrolled in a variety of degree programs.  The Phoenix Rising program is accredited by the National Board for Certified Counselors.

Phoenix Rising certified instructors, now more than one thousand strong, have adapted their yoga training to work as yoga therapists, yoga teachers, holistic health practitioners and psychotherapists with a variety of populations. Tuition runs at around $5,000, with onsite sessions taking place at the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Training Center in Bristol, Vermont.

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