YogaU 21-day Challenge—Week 3 Therapeutics and Tutorials

Richard Miller: Body Sensing—Sun Salutation (All Levels)


This gentle, meditative approach to the classical sun salute emphasizes moving the body through space by sensing, rather than thinking. In this way, the function of the asanas becomes more important than the form. Sense your way through this moving meditation, and enjoy each moment, fresh, just as it is. 

Rhoda Miriam: Slow Yoga—Gentle Practice for Lengthening the Spine (All Levels)

In this gentle supine yoga practice, we focus on lengthening the spine, creating more range of motion in the hips and practicing a simple, very gentle backbend. We end with a soothing breathing practice to help balance energy in the body and mind.

Chrys Kub: Myofascial Release—Awakening Prana (Adv. Beginners, Intermediate)

This practices utilizes foam-rolling integrated into a yoga sequence to explore how to release soft tissue and refine body movements which will in turn lead to improved movement patterns and overall structural health. The sequence explores how to use myofascial release to awaken Prana by progressively warming up the body in preparation for a yoga practice, physical activity, or simply to feel more relaxed and renewed.

Natasha Rizopoulos: The Cosmic Dancer – Opening Your Front Body (Advanced, Yoga Teacher)

Natarajasana combines several essential dynamics; it’s a dramatic back bend that also involves balance, as well as strength and flexibility in the standing leg.  In this transformative practice, you’ll discover how to explore and integrate these various elements, building this beautiful pose from the ground up and then delighting in both the physical opening and the eka grata ( one- pointed focus) that results.