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More Pain than Gain: Pitfalls of Spinal Fusion Highlight Importance of Prevention

Yet another reason to hit your yoga mat to prevent chronic back pain issues! A new epidemiological study indicates that spinal fusion, one of the most common surgical procedures for back pain, puts patients at a 29% greater risk of developing adjacent segment degeneration (ASD), a debilitating spinal condition that causes more pain.

Studies Offer Evidence Supporting Yoga As an Effective Way to Combat Depression

Exercise can provide up to over 95% of the mood-improvement that prescription drugs afford. In other words, yoga class may be the new-and-improved Prozac.

Yoga for Breast Cancer Relieves Anxiety, Stress, and Treatment Side Effects

Studies show that yoga for breast cancer can ease the distress and depression that often accompany the disease.

Yoga Aids Natural Disaster Survivors, Helps with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Survivors of earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, and other natural disasters often find themselves coping with emotional--if not physical--wounds. Fortunately, studies reveal that yoga can help in such emotionally difficult times.

For Natural Insomnia Relief, Try Vitamin B Complex

Taking Vitamin B, especially Vitamin B12, can promote healthy sleeping patterns and deep rest throughout the night.


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  • By Dr. Timothy McCall -  In my own experience, perhaps the most important way to prevent yoga injuries—besides such obvious things as keeping the joints well-aligned—is to pay close attention to the breath, trying to keep it as smooth, even and regular as possible. In most instances, before a problem occurs the breath has become ragged or...
  • With this blog post, we continue our series of quotes from renowned yoga masters, who have devoted their life to the practice of yoga and meditation. We hope you, as we have, will find inspiration and guidance for your yoga practice and life from their wisdom and insights. Yogacharya B.K.S.Iyengar is a living legend, who has been practicing and...

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