Deepen Your Breath, Soothe Your Mind

From our first inhale to our last exhale, our breath is what sustains us, what gives us life. The process of breathing is unique in that it is one of few automatic bodily functions which we can consciously modify. If we lose awareness of our breath, the Autonomic Nervous System is there to keep it going, but if we choose to breath consciously, we can modify the quality and depth of our breath, our yoga practice, and our life.

Yogic Breathing: Pranayama

Conscious breathing is a key element in the practice of yoga, and it is, of course, represented by the many different types of pranayama we find in yoga. This Sanskrit word can be translated as breath extension, or breath control, and can greatly shift the energy of an asana flow depending on how it’s practiced. While some pranayamas are challenging and should only be practiced by experienced yogis, most types of pranayama begin simply by finding a deeper, smoother breath. We often breathe shallowly when we’re not thinking about it, so moving towards a deeper breath can have significant effects on the body, from increasing vital capacity to improving performance in general.

Yogic Breathing Video

In this free video excerpt, yoga therapist Chrys Kub—PT, ERYT 500—demonstrates a simple yet effective trick for deepening the breath and increasing awareness of the flow of the breath in your body. Practice with Chrys and experience how, with the guide of the hands, it’s easier to fully utilize the lungs, and make your way towards a smooth, full breath in your yoga practice.


This practice is excerpted from Chrys’ online yoga practice Yoga for Athletes on the YogaUPractice Channel. To see some of the videos included and register for a 99-cent one-month trial, see more here:

Deepen Your Practice – Online Yoga Classes with Leading Yoga Teachers

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