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Practice Channel Jasmine Punzalan

Yoga Practice for Core Strength

Core strength goes beyond getting “six-pack abs.” In this practice, you will strengthen... more

Practice Channel Kate ODonnell

Ashtanga Yoga: Minimum Daily Requirement

Pattabhi Jois noted that a full practice, up to 90 minutes or more, is sometimes not possible... more

Practice Channel Kristin Olson

For the Love of Core!

This 30-minute core workout uses all true yoga poses to strengthen the core muscles. These... more

Practice Channel Claudine Beeson

Wall Series: Focus on Shoulders

Tight shoulders? Try using the wall and a strap! This class will help to relieve tight... more

Practice Channel Sarah Finger

Kapha for Heat Building Flow

This rigorous sequence focuses on postures that build heat in the body in order to detoxify... more

Practice Channel Natasha Rizopoulos

Supercharge Your Backbends 1: Shoulder Mobility

This three-part class series is designed to develop strength, flexibility and intelligence in... more

Practice Channel Kristin Olson

Get Focused with Standing Balances

Standing balancing poses require strength and flexiblity, but they also require steadfast... more

Practice Channel Baxter Bell

Tutorial Parsvakonasana

Side-angle pose, or Parsvakonasana,  strengthen legs and open hips, expand and open chest... more

Practice Channel Kristin Olson

Universal Warm Up

This 20-minute class can be used as a brief standalone practice or as a warm-up to prepare for... more

Practice Channel Jean Koerner

Heart Chakra - Anahata

In this next class in our chakra-balancing series, Jean focuses on the heart center, our... more