Free Download! Cultivating Vitality: The Three Pillars of Creating Energetic Balance

In this insightful interview, yoga therapist Olga Kabel shares her expertise on how yoga can be a powerful tool for balancing your energy and cultivating greater vitality. Drawing on over 20 years of experience as a yoga teacher and therapist, Olga explains the fascinating interplay between our energy levels, nervous system, physiology, and perception.  One … Continued

How Do You Stack Up?

Do you have some of the early risk factors for developing hip osteoarthritis? Or, if you already have hip osteoarthritis, do you have some of the issues that could cause it to develop faster? Some risk factors for arthritis we can’t control, such as our age, previous injury, improper formation of the hip joint and … Continued

Yoga for the Female Pelvic Floor: Keys to Lifelong Health with Leslie Howard

Most people know the importance of core strengthening for health and long-term well-being, but the pelvic floor is an important group of core muscles, which tend to get ignored. “The torso is like a tote bag for your organs,” says Leslie Howard, a Bay area yoga teacher who conducts workshops nationally on pelvic floor strengthening to help … Continued

Free Download! Reclaiming Your Power: The Many Benefits of Yoga for Cancer Survivors

While the war on cancer still sadly is far from succeeding, advances in detection and treatments have vastly increased the number of people surviving cancer.   While that is good news, unfortunately, cancer survivors often face numerous significant after-effects that undermine their quality of life, says yoga teacher and cancer specialist Vicky Fox in this free … Continued

Intelligent Propping in Yoga Practice: Maximize Your Benefits & Your Experience

Join us for this 6-session yoga practice series course with Ellen Huang Saltarelli. In this course, you’ll learn how to use props creatively and intelligently to energize and enlighten your asana practice. These practices are precise, thoughtful, and often challenging. Practice #1: Using an array of props to emphasize various aspects of the pose, this … Continued

Surprising Truths About Pelvic Floor Health – And How Yoga Can Help

Everyone loses muscle strength as they get older, and because our daily activities (and fitness programs) don’t usually strengthen the pelvic floor, this part of the body is particularly vulnerable to problems. As a result, many women develop pelvic issues as they get older, including incontinence, prolapse, sexual dysfunction, and other issues rooted in the … Continued

Somatic Yoga for Fascial Unwinding with James Knight

Wednesdays – April 10, 17, 24 and May 1, 2024 2:30 pm Eastern / 11:30 am Pacific Join Us Live or View the Recordings! Join James Knight through explorative somatic practices to help you unwind from stressful life experiences stored in our tissues (muscles and fascia).   Fascia is the interconnected fabric of embodiment. It is … Continued

Yoga for Healthy Hips: Principles for a Safe Practice with Doug Keller

Yoga poses that target the hip joints are among the quintessential yoga asana practices. They’re vital for increasing our general comfort with all forms of sitting, for supporting low back and knee health, and for releasing pent-up tension in the pelvic area from emotional stress and even from past trauma.  Hip opening yoga poses also … Continued