Asana as Meditation: Balancing Effort and Ease

Marlysa Sullivan

This practice is about the experience of postures as meditation. The Yoga Sutras tell us that the practice of asana, or postures, is about finding a steady and comfortable position through which we can connect with the infinite space of joy within and become free from duality.

Postures become a meditation when our focus goes inside and we build the capacity to explore what arises with compassion and acceptance. This has the power to transform us from patterns that keep us in pain and suffering. As we become aware of the habits of mind and body through a meditative approach to movement, we create change within ourselves. That in turn becomes a way to change our relationsip with our world to cultivate greater peace and happiness. The postures included in this practice are a balance of relaxation, stretching, strengthening, all led with internal focus and awareness.