Nurture Soul Therapeutics


Rose Silva started her yoga journey in 2000.

Professional Yoga Therapist customize yoga for private students, or group classes to suit the needs of the students.

Integrative Yoga Therapy is a complete science that cultivates and maintains the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of the individual. The non-competitive approach and meditative exploration of the practices of Integrative Yoga Therapy create an indrawn awareness allowing the student to come in touch with deeper and more subtle aspects of their being.

My practice has been greatly influenced by teachers such as Joseph and Lilian Le Page, Cathy Prescott, Genevieve Yellin,  Judith Lasater, Maria KaliMa, Beth Gibbs, Cheryl Van Denmark, Emy Weintraub, Jennifer Reis, Richard Miller, Lex Gillan and Sharon Kapp.

Certifications Include:

  • 200 hour certification at Houston Yoga Institute – 2008
  • Integrative 500 hour Yoga Therapy Program (PYT 500) with Joseph and Lillian Le Page – June /August 2012
  • Currently working on 1000 Mentorship at IYT
  • Licenced Massage Therapist - 2010
  • Life Force Yoga I Practitioner - 2013
  • Trauma Sensitive Yoga Therapist - 2013
  • Relax and Renew I Yoga Therapist - 2013


Theraputic Focus

Yoga Therapy Training, Yoga Therapy for Scoliosis, Yoga Therapy for Sciatica, Yoga Therapy for Fibromyalgia, Yoga Therapy, Yoga iRest, Yoga for Stroke recovery, Yoga for Respiratory & Circulatory Health, Yoga for PTSD, Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis, Yoga for Mental Health, Yoga for Lower Back Pain, Yoga for Insomnia, Yoga for High Blood Pressure, Yoga for Headaches, Yoga for Depression, Yoga for Cancer, Yoga for Arthritis, Yoga for Anxiety, Yoga for Addiction, Chair Yoga


E-RYT500 (Experienced Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher 500hrs)

PYT500 (Professional Yoga Therapist 500hrs)

LMT(Licenced Massage Therapist)

TSYT (Trauma Sensitive Yoga Therapist)

Relax & Renew Yoga Therapist

Life Force Yoga I Practitioner (Yoga for Depression and Anxiety)

Reiki Practitioner (Mikao Usui level III, Karuna Reiki, Tera Mai Reiki, Magnified Healing)

Master Degree in Actuary Science (Brazil)


Contact Person (if Yoga Studio):

Rosangela (Rose) Silva