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Tari Prinster

Tari Prinster Tari Prinster, a cancer survivor, yoga teacher, and author of Yoga for Cancer, developed the yoga4cancer (y4c) methodology using contemporary research on cancer and yoga. Since 2003, Tari has trained over 1,500 yoga teachers and worked with thousands of survivors through classes and retreats...

In the movie “Yoga Woman,”Tari Prinster tells the moving story about her struggle with cancer and how yoga helped her heal and recover after the treatment. Tari has since become a leading force in teaching yoga to cancer survivors, and she was recently awarded with Yoga Journal’s Seva award for her pioneering contributions to yoga through her y4c training program.

In this free download, Tari talks about her own journey and the steps that led her to develop yoga programs targeting the specific needs of cancer survivors. While it is commonly believed that the best kind of yoga for cancer is gentle and restorative in nature, Tari notes, this idea is likely formed from a misunderstanding of what cancer survivors really need and want. 

Tari discusses the research that lie at the foundation of the key teaching principles of the Y4c program. Yoga for cancer survivors is most beneficial, she notes, when it emphasizes movements that facilitate the body’s own natural detoxification processes. This not only helps people recovering from cancer treatment, but can also help prevent cancer.

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