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Jana Long

  Jana Long, E-RYT 500, is Executive Director and co-founder of the Black Yoga Teachers Alliance, Inc. (BYTA) a national nonprofit, and owner of Power of One Yoga, LLC a community-based wellness center in Baltimore, MD. Jana has practiced yoga nearly 50 years and has traveled globally to study...

Most people are familiar with enneagrams, which offer one approach to better understand our personality type and our inherent tendencies.

But did you know that the ancient sciences of Yoga, Vedic astrology, and Ayurveda also offer unique insights into the deeper ‘energies’ or forces of nature that shape who we are and how we interact with the world around us?

Both Vedic astrology and Ayurveda place great emphasis on the “Tattwas” or the Elements (Fire, Air, Earth, Water, and Space). They chart in detail how these affect our approach to living and our natural personality propensities.

How can we determine more clearly what our dominant elements are and how they impact us? And how can we use this knowledge to interact more consciously with these energies in nature to strengthen propensities that serve us and balance those that don't?

Join us for a Facebook Live talk with Jana Long, co-founder and Executive Officer of the Black Yoga Teachers Alliance (BYTA).

Jana has had lifelong love affair with yoga, which started some 40 years ago. She brings to her work a unique understanding of how the knowledge of yoga, Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology.

Jana is a trailblazer on many levels. In her work, she offers a unique integration of Vedic astrology, Ayurveda and yoga in understanding how the energies of the Elements impact us and how we can impact them with our yoga practice and ritual.

And, as a co-founder of the Black Yoga Teachers Alliance, Jana is spearheading a rapidly growing organization, which is creating a voice for black yoga teachers and a forum for the community of black yoga teachers to grow and expand.

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