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Dr Ginger Garner

Dr. Ginger Garner PT, DPT, ATC/L is an active clinician, author, teacher, and longtime advocate for improving access to physical therapy services. She is the founder and CEO of Living Well Institute, where she has been certifying therapists and doctors in Medical Therapeutic Yoga & Integrative...

The pandemic has been a challenge for everyone, but in most families, the stressful and trauma-inducing events of the last few years have been disproportionately hard on women. Shouldering the burden of caring for their families on top of their other responsibilities, many women are running on empty with little time to take care of themselves and nurture the nurturer.

In this free download, Dr. Ginger Garner talks about how yoga can offer trauma-informed practices to help restore balance and develop a greater sense of self-empowerment and ease. When we come from a place of strength, rather than feeling overwhelmed and burned out, we can more easily deal with the demands and ups and downs of the challenging situations life inevitably brings.

Dr. Garner in particular talks about the groundbreaking work she has been doing with integrating a focus on the vagus nerve as a tool for trauma-informed yoga. She has developed this work over many years in her practice as an integrative physical therapist and founder of the Living Well Institute.

Learning to work with vagus nerve modulation, she notes, enables us to balance nervous system functioning to shift from that stressed-out feeling of overwhelm into a calmer, rest-and-digest mode.

Because of the close link between the vagus nerve and the voice, vocal biomarkers are emerging as one of the chief ways to gauge the impact of trauma in a woman’s life, Ginger explains. 

The voice is increasingly recognized as a tell-tale sign of health. It is the new biomarker for wellness and can impact not only trauma recovery but everything from mood regulation to digestive functioning to sexual functioning and core strength.  

Trauma negatively affects vagal tone, but Ginger shares insights into how yoga can help improve vagal tone and develop greater resilience. Click above to download and listen. 


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