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Julie Gudmestad, Eva Norlyk Smith and Lynn Crimando

Julie Gudmestad, PT, C-IAYT Julie Gudmestad has been active in Portland, Oregon, as a yoga teacher and licensed physical therapist for over 40 years. She has integrated her western medical knowledge with yoga training into a unique teaching style, and regularly teaches anatomy and asana workshops...

Are we missing out on one of the key reasons why the core body is so important?

The core body is the central hub for the functional pressure system of the body. In other words, the core body is a complex system with many roles, it is NOT just an area of the body we need to strengthen or muscles that stabilize.

Underneath the superficial and deep muscles of the core are vital organs, complicated joints, and an integrated pressure system that is related to our breath and nervous system. It is this complexity that can make it more difficult to connect, strengthen, mobilize and stabilize the core in a balanced and healthy way.

In this course, Diana takes the complex science of the core and breaks it down into digestible chunks to understand and to develop practical strategies to take to your yoga practice and yoga and movement classes.

Also Included: 7 Livestream Yoga Classes with Julie Gudmestad and Lynn Crimando 

We all know that having a strong core is important. However, most people are not completely sure what the core is, nor how to best go about strengthening the core. And unfortunately, most approaches to core strengthening get it wrong and can even be counter-productive.

For example, most people think of crunches when they hear the word core strengthening. However, crunches are actually not the best way to strengthen the core, and they can result in an imbalanced core which in turn can lead to poor posture.

There are numerous benefits of having a strong core, so it’s well worth learning how to maximize the benefits of core work. The core is not just our physical center, it is also an important emotional and energetic center.

As part of this course, join Julie Gudmestad, Lynn Crimando, and Eva Norlyk Smith for our new 7-session Livestream Series on Journey through the Core: How to Reap the Many Benefits of Core Strengthening.

In this course, get to know your wondrous core through a series of yoga practices aimed to build awareness of the individual muscles of the core, while also teaching you how to engage and strengthen the core muscles in a holistic and balanced way.

Wednesdays July 20 thru August 24 from 12 pm-1:15 pm EDT (9 am-12 pm PDT) - Includes 15 minute Q&A with Teacher!

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