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Dr Ginger Garner

Dr. Ginger Garner PT, DPT, ATC/L is an active clinician, author, teacher, and longtime advocate for improving access to physical therapy services. She is the founder and CEO of Living Well Institute, where she has been certifying therapists and doctors in Medical Therapeutic Yoga & Integrative...

100% of women who give birth experience diastasis rectus abdominis, a painful tear of the abdominal wall. If not resolved on its own within eight weeks, this condition can produce numerous other problems that can last for decades, says physical therapist and yoga therapist Dr. Ginger Garner in this free download.

This is just one example of the numerous health issues many women struggle with after giving birth, Giving birth is one of the happiest events in a woman’s life. However, if we’re not physically prepared, the birth process can leave a lasting imprint on the body, Ginger notes.

From urinary incontinence to pelvic organ prolapse, diastasis rectus abdominis, sexual dysfunction, pelvic pain, and depression, women face a myriad of challenges from the changes that come with being a mom.

We don’t hear enough about these, Ginger notes, and we don’t hear enough about the many things a woman can do to prevent common birth-related health issues - or relieve them if they have already occurred.

Ginger identifies a few of the factors that can contribute to these issues, as well as important questions to ask to determine what lies at the root of a problem. She highlights the fact that, with proper information and attention, we can prevent these issues, stop them from snowballing, and even reverse them. Ginger also offers insight into the highest incidence health risk for women who have given birth.

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