Moriah Diederich

Location: Vancouver, WA

“I am a problem-solver at heart, and enjoy connecting with my clients to understand their areas of discomfort, finding solutions and...

Marianne Dise

Location: Delray Beach, FL

Teaching yoga to seniors is my passion. I teach very gentle hatha yoga, and chair yoga. Come to a class or call for a private session,...

Santa Cruz Yoga Therapy

Location: Santa Cruz, CA

Yoga Therapy in the Viniyoga Tradition, applying, modifying and integrating all limbs to benefit the individual.

Noemi Rais

Location: Hollywood, FL

Love to enter with 10 minutes of grounding, of breath work, of stillness. Incorporating slowly a challenge sequence so that we end...

WholeHealth Yoga

Location: Stourbridge, UK,

Classes are focused on your own personal process of release, strengthening, lengthening, self-reflection and self awareness. The classes...

Somatic Sense Yoga

Online Yoga Sessions

Somatic Sense Yoga blends Somatics with Yoga and is very accessible to most people as it is centered on...

Mandy Ryle E-RYT 200, owner of Sound Method Yoga

Location: Omaha, NE

Mandy Ryle is the owner of Sound Method Yoga. Trained at the prestigious White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, CA with Ganga White...

Calgary Yoga Therapy

Location: Calgary, AB

Kathie offers a...

Krista Percival

Location: Del Mar, CA

Krista’s love and appreciation for yoga grew slowly as she began to feel the power of the practice in her life. Always up for a...

Stephanie Zeng

Location: Boston, MA

I have been teaching Yoga since 2016. I am specialized in making your Vinyasa flow into a moving meditation. You can get both a...