Nicole Stone


I'm told my yoga classes are friendly & imaginative and accessible to keen beginners right up to the super flexible.  I'm keen on safety & so I tend to give quite a few alignment cues to ensure your body is held in an optimum position & supported correctly thus minimising strain on any particular part/s.  I'm also quick to give modifications when I see anyone struggling to hold or move into a pose.  Our bodies are all different & when teaching yoga, this becomes very obvious when you look out at the bodies in front of you! 

Over the 15+ years of teaching, my own practice has moved from a fast paced sweaty yoga practice to having a little more reverence & respect for my body.  So now, rather than ignoring little 'signals' from my body during yoga, I listen to my body's feedback and modify the posture or strengthen it in a way that my body feels happy.  To me, yoga is what you feel .. not what you do.  

Yoga Style

Hatha, Restorative Yoga, Vinyasa Flow


My very first yoga class was in my early 30's having spent the previous decade pushing my body at various gym cardio classes.  Don't get me wrong, I still love a sweaty gym class but I hadn't expected to fall in love with yoga as much as I did .. & still do :) 

What started out as just wanting to increase my flexibility & have a nice rest at the end of the yoga class, has turned into immense respect & compassion for my body for all that it does for me each & every day. 

Over the years yoga has changed my posture, strengthened my muscles, increased the mobility of my joints, given me great flexibility, made me a calmer & more positive person & has even changed what I ate because, what I hadn't realised is that a regular yoga practice makes you become more aware of how different foods make you feel & quite simply, Id rather feel energised & awake than sleepy and lethargic when I eat rubbish!

Before I moved to Spain in 2003, I was a marketing manager for various blue chip companies.  I loved my job & all the trappings that went with it but nothing compares to waking up in the Spanish sunshine & teaching yoga to the local residents (Calpe/Moraira on the Northern Costa Blanca) or on our award winning yoga retreats ( that we we run at beautiful little hotels near the sea on the stunning Alicante coast. 


I teach every Wednesday @ Buena Vista Club de Tenis y Padel
Carrer Dragonera, Benissa
03710 Calpe Alicante