Renee Rampersadsingh - Owner/Instructor at Anugraha Yoga


Renee started her Yoga journey in 1993, through her mother, who introduced her to meditation at the Blue Star (Trinidad). Since then, her experience has influenced the way she lives. For her it has become more than just the meditation from which she started, but a lifestyle - encompassing physical and emotional strength that has aided her through the best and worst of times of her life - from her mother’s battle with cancer, to making the decision to take the plunge and seek a better career and a more fulfilling life.

She worked at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Massachusetts, USA in their Karma Yoga programme for four months, in 2009 and completed Yoga Teacher Training at the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica, in 2013. Upon her return to Trinidad, she thought she could share her knowledge with people, and quickly set out to open Anugraha Yoga.

From a desk job to a decade later, owning a Yoga studio, she continues to discover the world, its people and herself most of all. Her curiosity drives her to use Yoga as a discipline in which she can find something more within herself and as a way to identify with and relate to others. In so doing, this allows her to follow her path towards sharing knowledge of self-discovery with others and allow them to teach her in return. 'Anugraha' is that grace achieved through our own experiences - Anugraha Yoga seeks to open a space where people can find such grace and balance in their lives through Yoga.

Theraputic Focus

Yoga Therapy for Sciatica, Yoga for Children, Yoga for Anxiety, Chair Yoga


2oo Hour Interdisciplinary Yoga Teacher Training

Nosara Yoga Institute, Guanacaste, Costa Rica



Master of Business Administration

Anglia Ruskin University, United Kingdom

– obtained through the School of Accounting and Management, St. Augustine, Trinidad




6 S.S. Erin Road
San Fernando
Contact Person (if Yoga Studio):

Renee T. Rampersadsingh