Corinn Claydon

Location: Calgary, AB

Yoga is a union between body, mind and consciousness. My classes reflect my personal experience, where yoga can be used to develop...

Yoga with Subhash

Location: Morrisville, NC

I teach group, private and corporate yoga classes in a friendly, non-competitive and supportive environment. I encourage students to...

Silvia Hendarta

Location: Jakarta, JK

I'm an ex-marketing manager converted into full-time wellness enthusiast. I consider myself as forever a student of yoga, sometimes a...

Betty Kalister

Location: Knoxville, TN

Padma Yoga Los Cabos

Location: San Jose Del Cabo, BCS


Location: Beverly, MA

I started yoga more than 20 years ago when going through a difficult time and it really helped with any depreesion, anxiety I was having...

Martina Verena

Location: Ibiza, PM

My teaching style blends movement and breath to cultivate Prana/Qi. I work with the body as a whole from deep inside the ...

Freia Ramsey

Location: Chardon, OH

I work with clients privately and in small groups at The Integral Life Center in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. My mission is to empower...

Lilly Wellness

Location: Richmond, VA

Not feeling well, for whatever reason, can really ruin your day.  Or your week.  Or even your life.  IF you let it.


Stephanie Carter Kelley

Location: Dublin, OH

Hatha style yoga practice influenced by Iyengar with focus on safety, alignment, strength and mobility.  My classes/workshops start...