Desiree Eastham, E-RYT 200, Anusara-Inspired, Pilates & Hoopnotica


Desiree is an Ansuara-Inspired yoga instructor. She is inspired by Bob Marley's saying, "Love the life you life, and live the life you love." She has been finding joy through movement since her first yoga class is 2003. Desiree's classes are designed to help students navigate the currents of life and rediscover their playful side that resides in their divine true-nature. Desiree's classes are often themed and inspired by physics, astronomy, nature, life-affirming philosophy, mythology, and even reality shows! She believes  that with passion, instinct, knowledge, constant effort, a sense of humor and an open-heart, anything is possible.

She inspires students to become their own teacher. That what she offers is guidance, and that they should ultimately learn to listen from within. Just as these teachings are an offering, the postures are also an offering. She love inspiring students with a good story or an experience that created a shift in her. She has an eye for instructing good alignment and using the life-force that is the breath to create spaciousness and calm in the body and mind. She tries to create freedom from the confines of a too serious yoga practice that may become just another burden in life, rather than what it was intended to be ~ a way to create less suffering.

Her classes are intelligently sequenced and creatively challenging. She has taken numerous teacher trainings, workshops and classes. Although, she practices and respects all schools of yoga, she continues to delve deep into the teachings and practice of Anusara Yoga. She is also a mat Pilates Teacher and Hoopnotica Instructor.  She is a registered yoga teacher  with Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT 200. 

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Desiree Eastham