Jan Scott, RYT and Spiritual Bathing Practitioner



Jan's classes are rooted in a heart-centered Hatha yoga tradition; blending chanting, mudra work, pranayama and partner poses with flow. In an atmosphere of music and fun, the focus is on uniting and balancing mind, body and breath, guiding students to their authentic strength and open heartedness.


Jan is a RYT Certified Hatha Yoga instructor having studied and practiced yoga for 17 years with teachers Rosie Good, Judith Lasater, Saul David Raye, Tias Little, Rodney Yee, Gurmurkh, Mark Whitwell Liz Koch and Sada Sat Kaur.

"My daily gratitude to the light of my teachers whose inspired teachings continue to crack my soul wide open. Sat Nam."



Theraputic Focus

Chair Yoga


Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor, RYT, Los Angeles, CA

~ 300 hours of Hatha Yoga Training and Certification with teacher, Rosie Good, owner of Yoga Bindu Studio, San Pedro, California. Guest Lecturers on Body Anatomy and Astanga Yoga. Insured.



Traditional Mayan Spiritual Healing – Arvigo Institute, Belize

~ 54 CE Hours, Introductory & Advanced Mayan Spiritual Healing with Dr. Rosita Arvigo at her home in Belize. Provides practical training in the Mayan concepts of mind/body/spirit healing, pulse diagnosis of spiritual illnesses, & the gentle form of shamanic journeying through the use of pulse prayers, flower & plant baths that cleanse the auric field & balance a client’s energetic life force. Instruction is also provided in recognizing indigenous Central American rainforest plants, as well as the use of herbal teas, amulets, flower essences, dowsing with a pendulum & space clearing to assist in protection & restoring balance.


Traditional Mayan Advanced Spiritual Healing Arvigo Institute, Belize

~ 20.5 CE Hours in the Arvigo Advanced Mayan Spiritual Healing techniques: Experiential workshop expanding relationship with plant allies, prayers, pulse diagnosis, Spiritual Bathing, Space Clearing, connection with the 9 Maya Spirits, and Maya Cosmology. Review of case studies, mentoring guidance and support will be an integral component of this week's intensive.


Intensive Spiritual Bathing Workshop-Wheaton, Mass

       Studied with ethno-botanist, Rocio Alarcon, of Ecuador, who is currently completing her PhD at London’s Centre of Ethno pharmacology researching plants as medicine and food. 



Psoas Workshop with Liz Koch, Grass Valley, CA

      ~ 12 CEU hours of work study on Psoas muscle and it’s relationship to skeletal, emotional and muscular health. Emphasis on anatomy, posture, relationship, balance, removing obstacles, keeping a healthy psoas and preventing injury. Lecture and individual participation and application.


 Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Intensive with Professor Jonathan T. Casey, PhD, Los Angeles, CA

~  15 hours of in-depth study: reading, analyzing and working with all 4 Padas of the Sutras. Lecture and application.


Living your Yoga, Judith Lasater, Mt. Madonna, CA

~ 23 CEU hours of Restorative Yoga intensive, with emphasis on body anatomy, philosophy, asanas, and living the practice of your yoga daily in action, word, deed.



Learning to Stay retreat w. Pema Chodron, Shambala Mountain Center, Red Feather Lakes, CO


~ 52 hours of lecture, group study, noble silence, meditation, chanting, Great Stupa walks centered around teaching of the Tibetan word shenpa or attachment.



Loving Kindness Meditation Workshop w. Sharon Salzberg, Loyola Marymount College, LA, CA


~ 20.5 CEU hours of lecture, meditation, silent walks, group study and exercise to develop concentration, connection, fearlessness, and genuine happiness through direct instruction and guided meditation using classical techniques in a modern idiom.

 Japji, The Sound of Naad, with Yogi Bhajan, Espanola, New Mexico


~ 46 hours of studying the sound of the soul. Jap means to repeat, and Ji means soul. The repetition of Japji gives you a consistent projection and allows you to access your own infinite source of inspiration and depth.  The Sound Current of Japji and the meaning of its words, when meditated upon with openness and love, awakens a soul to its destiny. Night lectures by Yogi Bhajan.

 International Herb Symposium, Wheaton College, Norton, Mass

 ~ Intensive studies with Ayurvedic guru, Anne McIntyre, Master Herbalist and   Earth poet, Stephen Harrod Buhner, Master Herbalist and author, Matthew Wood, fasting and cleanse expert, Nancy Phillips, and Plants and their Allies with Susun Weed.  


 Six retreats and workshops w. poet, David Whyte, Mt Madonna, Watsonville, CA


 Various lectures and retreats w. Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hahn, Deer Park Monastery, CA


 2011 Frank Natale Trance Dance Certification with Ralph Ciccone direct disciple of Natale


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