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Co-author and editor of STORIES FROM THE YOGIC HEART, Lisa has  been an avid yoga practitioner for over ten years and hopes you will join her for restorative Yin Yoga and Journalling for Women at noon, most days of the week. Based on various styles of yoga such as Scaravelli, Freedom Style, and Yin, Lisa's yoga and journalling classes--in a beautiful loft in her home-- are great for anxiety, those with illnesses such as Chronic Fatigue, or just lowering your cortisol levels, raising your awareness and boosting your happy neurotransmitters (as  Lisa has learned from experience :)  Meditation and breathing practices included. Feel free to call or email Lisa for more information and address.

Theraputic Focus

Yoga for Anxiety


She is a registered Freedom Style Yoga teacher trained by Erich Schiffman, a registered Street Yoga teacher. She annually takes several workshops from leading yoga instructors across North America. Lisa recovered from severe anxiety and PTSD through her own regular yoga practice. 

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Lisa Cherry