Martina Verena


My teaching style blends movement and breath to cultivate Prana/Qi. I work with the body as a whole from deep inside the core into static or dynamic postures. New neurological pathways awake, resulting in confidence and augmented body perception. Gradually sequenced stretches and movement combinations, according to your possibilities, improve elasticity and agility as well as strengthen the muscles. Harmony, mental tranquility and centeredness are the positive side effects of this mindful work out that is designed for sensations of all-over wellbeing. 

I am an active and creative person yet calm and centred. I chose my profession for ethical reasons as the happiness is mutual when my clients finish a training session contently. It is my intention to always get the best out of every person according to his/her individual possibilities through the integration of body, mind and soul.

Yoga Style

Hatha, Kundalini, Power Yoga, Restorative Yoga


Yoga, Tao, Pilates, Indian Classical Dance, Belly Dance, Tribal Fusion Dance

Jardines Can Palerm 3
St. Jordi de ses Salines
07817 Ibiza Baleares