Susan Schectar


Rehabilitated and regained full function of  my knee through a mindful yoga practice with my doctors consent. No more pain or inflammation in spite of 2 torn meniscus and the beginngs of arthritis. This informs my teaching style as a ‘start from where you are’ approach and I believe a mindful yoga practice can be done with any body, anywhere.

Yoga Style

Hatha, Power Yoga, Vinyasa Flow

Theraputic Focus

Chair Yoga, Yoga for Mental Health


Former personal trainer for a large national fitness chain. Student for 10 years with Adrian Molina of Warrior Flow, Mindy Frenkel in the Jivamukti style, Lisa Marie Lewis - Rockette, Lion King dancer, and Nick Potenzieri.

130 Bradhurst Avenue
New York, NY 10039
United States