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I have been working with both neuro-typical and special needs children's population through yoga for over 6 years. I got my business name from the students I work with, for they began to call me "Yoga Anna", and the name has stuck since then. I have experience working with children on the Autism Spectrum, ranging from high functioning to low functioning in a couple of private schools. I also work with children who have emotional challenges, from anxiety, depression, OCD, and other health problems in a local children's hospital. I use my experiences, as a special education teacher, and training as an ABA  habilatator; and have combined the two with yoga to help the children find a sense of peace. I also teach at a local children's museum once a month to toddlers and young children, where parents can participate in class. 

My approach to teaching the children is to guide them, but also follow their lead in different games that we play in class. We work on the breath, balance poses, strengthening poses, building self-esteem, developing creativity, tuning into their bodies through out the classes, gross motor skills, visual meditations, and working as a team, through partner poses and yoga games. My overall goal is to teach children how to carry with them a sense of peace and to practice to tune into that peace throughout their life; through good times and challenging times. When I am not teaching children, I teach adults yoga in both, a studio and gym setting. I really enjoy teaching all age groups, because for me, to see the students' growth in postures and life, make my passion of yoga worth pursuing. I enjoy knowing little by little, I am helping to make the world a better place.


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Currently, I hold a 200 RYT, with a specialty in RCYT certifications. I am in the process of expanding my studies of yoga in a 300 hour Yoga Therapy, at Desert Song Yoga, in Phoenix, Az. Once this program is completed, I will be a 500 RYT and RCYT yoga therapist and Instructor.

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